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The UK BME/ Diaspora Anti-Slavery Network

Here at UK BME/ Diaspora Anti-Slavery Network, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. Each year, hundreds of victims of modern slavery or human trafficking are brought into the UK from over 20 countries but the voices of those communities are often unheard in much of anti-slavery work across the country. Most UK child victims of modern slavery, according to the National Referral Mechanism are children from black and ethnic minority backgrounds who have been exploited for drug trafficking, yet these communities are not involved in the anti-slavery space.

In 2019, Debbie Ariyo OBE, CEO of AFRUCA was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to undertake research into the role of communities as safety nets in protectinng victims of human trafficking. She established BASNET as an outcome of her work. The UK BME Anti-Slavery Network (BASNET) is now a project of AFRUCA and is the first network in the UK and in Europe dedicated to promoting equality, inclusion and diversity in the anti-trafficking and anti-slavery space. Our Network members are registered charities or community interest companies working in diaspora communities affected by modern slavery

Since 2020, we’ve been recruiting and supporting ethnic minority grass-root community organisations in a variety of ways and measuring our success not by monetary size, but by more qualitative measurements such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts. Just imagine what we can achieve together!

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