The UK BME Anti-Slavery Network (BASNET) which is a project of AFRUCA Safeguarding Children is inviting qualified candidates to apply for its first residential capacity building programme for black and ethnic anti-trafficking innovators across the modern slavery and human trafficking sector. This will take place in Manchester from the 15th of November to the 18th of November 2022. The aim is to empower Black and ethnic Founders and CEOs working in the modern slavery sector to build and grow their organisations beyond generations for the benefit of the sector and their communities. This pilot programme is an incredible opportunity to learn, network and grow. It is totally funded and each delegate place is worth approximately £2000 per attendee.


Over three days, 15 anti-trafficking innovators would be able to network and share learning and experiences about their anti-trafficking work, successes and challenges. There would be an opportunity to learn from two successful innovators who founded and led mainstream anti-trafficking charities for many years. Fundraising experts would coach and train participants on how to produce strong fundraising proposals, theory of change and develop strong monitoring and evaluation tools to measure the success of their work. Additionally, there will be a focus on strategic planning to enable participants gain the skills to plan long-term for their work and activities, tackling internal weakness and external threats they may face. A last part of the programme would entail participants learning how to strengthen their messaging, ensuring they are able to communicate their work to others in the sector and in their communities, demonstrating impact.


The BASNET Residential Programme will focus on building successful leadership and management skills needed to be an effective leader, both in the anti-trafficking sector and in our communities. The following are some of the expected benefits:

  • Leadership and Organisational Development themed sessions
  • Access to professional 1:1 coaching and support
  • Learning from a range of experts in the field
  • Developing a range of new skills, knowledge, and capacity


The programme is free to attend and will cover the following expenses:

  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Feeding
  • Travel
  • Allocated Per-diem
  • Training Resources


  • The applicant must be a Full Member of BASNET that has previously shown commitment to the development and growth of BASNET
  • The applicant MUST hold the position of CEO, Founder, or Director of an organisation who is required to manage and/or influence multiple internal or external stakeholders and create a wider impact
  • The applicant MUST have attended at least 2 bi-monthly meetings and can dedicate their time to attend the whole of the programme.


  • Confirmed participants will be required to attend the full duration of the Residential Capacity Building Programme and to actively engage in all sessions
  • Confirmed participants will be required to complete all pre and post-programme work including two virtual sessions
  • Confirmed participants are expected to take part in the Residential Capacity Building Programme promotional campaign
  • Confirmed participants will be required to undertake monitoring and evaluation activities before, during and after the programme to meet funder’s requirements 


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Interested applicants are expected to complete and submit the application form below by 5pm on the 29th of September 2022.