BASNET Research Panel

At BASNET, Research is at the core of our network. Our research panel is made up of 6 Full members and chaired by our Research Advisor

Overarching Aim

The aim of the research panel is to promote a more equal, diverse and representative anti trafficking research sector which is able to address the various needs of BME victims, survivors and communities. We want to promote the involvement of more BME people in research.

BASNET’s Research Focus

  1. Build and maintain an active, widely recognised Black and minority ethnic consultation panel for researchers to refer to when developing and conducting their studies-
  2. Define a distinctive BASNET research agenda or strategy;
  3. Develop a coalition or a sub-group of researchers from different institutions that are committed to building a better, more diverse research agenda and skills base in the counter-trafficking field;
  4. Conduct a scoping exercise to identify the research priorities of third sector organisations serving largely migrant and/or Black populations.
  5. Research Training and capacity building.
  6. Promote community based research
  7. Capacity to sit on different research working groups

What we seek to achieve

  1. Become collaborators and partners in BME focused research within the MS/HT sector
  2. Become generators of ideas for research from a community perspective
  3. Provide/facilitate research training for our members so that they can also initiate their own in house research for the sector
  4. Build BASNET to become a knowledge hub for BME within the MS/HT sector