BASNET has been involved in a land mark project commissioned by the Modern Slavery and Human Policy and Evidence Centre(MS-PEC). The project was carried out by the University of Sheffield, West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network and the UK BME Anti-Slavery Network(BASNET).

The research was informed by people with lived experience and it examined current initiatives to prevent labour and sexual exploitation in the UK. The research findings highlight the growing need to change our approach to preventing modern slavery, pointing to the holistic nature of prevention, treating it as on-going process of avoiding harm throughout the cycle of exploitation. Key takeaways:

  1. A ‘whole systems’ approach to modern slavery prevention is required for effective prevention programmes.
  2. We need to shift focus to preventing harm before it occurs much more (i.e. primary prevention).
  3. Prevention programmes should develop holistic prevention strategies based on principles developed by the research, including harm avoidance first, ensuring cultural competence and including affected communities including people with lived experience in the creation of prevention interventions.

Full report


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