The death of George Floyd in the US on May 25th 2020 led to a global campaign and revealed the UK’s own challenges in relation to racism, lack of equality, diversity and inclusion. Our anti-trafficking and anti-slavery sector is not immune as demonstrated by BASNET’s Statement of June 2020 which detailed a catalogue of issues that needed addressing. 

The government’s ‘hostile environment’ policy has made the lives of victims and survivors unbearable. The government’s New Plan for Immigration is bent on intensifying the attacks on survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking. 

We give kudos to all the charities, law firms, judges, parliamentarians, and individuals who have stood up firmly in support of survivors and have repeatedly challenged the government’s stance. We call on the Home Office to adopt a more compassionate and humane approach to its anti-slavery strategy. 

Since last year, the UK Black and Minority Ethnic Anti-slavery Network (BASNET) has worked in partnership with a range of stakeholders to develop a Race Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan for the Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery sector. This has involved a series of consultations about what the Action Plan should cover, how our sector can best meet the needs of victims and survivors from different ethnic backgrounds, ensure government policies and strategies adopt a less discriminatory stance towards those from foreign countries and that our charities are more representative of the range of survivors and victims’ we aim to support.

We intend to launch the Race EDI Action Plan at a nation-wide event in July 2021. 

We will continue to consult to ensure the Action Plan helps to meet the needs of survivors and can showcase our sector as an equitable and inclusive place to work. 

The death of George Floyd has not been in vain. His legacy will include a more equal, inclusive and diverse UK anti-trafficking and anti-slavery sector.

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The UK BME Anti-Slavery Network (BASNET) established by AFRUCA is dedicated to promoting equality, inclusion and diversity in the UK anti-trafficking and anti-slavery space. Our Network members are registered charities or community interest companies working in diaspora communities affected by modern slavery.

For more information, contact the BASNET Network Manager – Naeema Ahmed, or Telephone: 0207 704 2261.