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Membership: Work Themes

We expect our members (Full and Associate) to be engaged in the following areas of Modern Slavery and Anti-Trafficking:

  • Sexual Exploitation or Sexual Slavery
  • Domestic Slavery
  • Forced Labour and Bonded Labour
  • County Lines Drug Trafficking
  • Organ harvesting
  • Trafficking for sports

Membership: Activities

Our members must demonstrate their ongoing work or interest in the following key activities

  • Policy Influencing and Advocacy
  • Prevention, Community Awareness, Education and Mobilisation
  • Research
  • Victim Support and Protection
  • Training and Skills Building for Agencies

Membership Categories

Full membership of our Network is free and is opened to UK registered charities or community interest companies led by and working solely in diaspora and BME communities on anti-trafficking and/or anti-slavery matters.

Associate membership is opened to individuals from diaspora and BME communities with an interest (academic, professional) in UK anti-slavery activities, researchers, statutory agencies and mainstream NGOs who are seeking partnership opportunities with BME organisations who are full members.

Observers Organisations, Businesses or institutions that operate within UK, globally or regionally, including multi-national NGOs, and donor agencies.

Benefits of Full Membership

  • Free membership per annum, renewable each year based on participation
  • Opportunity to network with key policy-makers and be involved in national and regional policy activities
  • Free access to all communications produced by BASNET, including monthly BASNET E-Briefing on topical and relevant subjects with opportunities for organisations to be featured
  • Quarterly meetings and briefing sessions, with expert speakers on various related topics.
  • Cover of travel expenses to partly meet travel costs of organisations based outside London.
  • Partnership opportunities to build and collaborate on community led anti-slavery projects.
  • Participation in BASNET Working Groups

Benefits of Associate Membership

  • Free access to monthly BASNET E-Briefing on topical and relevant subjects and feature opportunities
  • Free attendance at one BASNET event each year
  • Partnership opportunities to collaborate on community led anti-slavery projects

Membership: Activities

We Expect all Full Members to:

  • Actively engage in Network activities by attending all quarterly meetings a year, respond to communication, provide feedback on consultations and provide regular updates on their work as required
  • Take part in the Network’s advocacy activities
  • Attend national events organised by the Network
  • Share information and resources on subjects of interest to other members
  • Promote the Network and its work to local, regional and national stakeholders
  • Take advantage of their full membership to actively build partnerships with other members (full and associate) to influence anti-slavery work in their communities

How To Become A Member of BASNET

Complete the application form below to become a member of BASNET – The UK BME Anti-Slavery Network. Don’t forget to Fill in every field before pressing “submit” once done. Your application will be reviewed by the Network Secretariat who will be in touch to finalise your membership.

UK BME Anti-Slavery Network Advisory Group

We are now appointing individuals to join the UK BME Anti-Slavery Network Advisory Group to help inform the activities, strategies and growth of the Network. The Advisory Group will meet twice a year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Advisory Group and would like to be briefed on this, please email