If you have something to share about modern slavery and human trafficking– we want to hear from you! To support you with your blog writing please find our guidance below. You may contact us at basnet@afruca.org if you have any questions. Thank you for considering a blog submission to BASNET!

Blog Theme

BASNET blogs must be connected to human trafficking and modern slavery in the BME community. This is a broad theme with many viable options and angles. We welcome a diversity of views around this topic.

Express Yourself

We welcome diverse perspectives, views, and voices. Anyone interested in modern slavery and human trafficking in the BME community is welcome to submit including survivors of trafficking or modern slavery, students, community members, professionals, and academics in different disciplines.

Please write your blog so that any audience can understand it. Please avoid or explain any anti-trafficking and modern slavery jargon and acronyms. Please clarify any other words readers may not understand, including street slang related to human trafficking, modern slavery, county lines trafficking, and other forms of abuse.

We want to be able to publish your blog with you as the author. If you prefer to be anonymous, please contact us before submission to discuss this.

The Theme and Content of Your Blog

At BASNET we are aware that the links between the BME anti-trafficking and modern slavery response, policy and politics can at times be complex. However, we work to proffer constructive and solutions-focused ideas in this space. 

The purpose of the blog space is to share views, educate each other and develop solutions.  Understandably, some blogs will be uncomfortable to read but, we will not accept blogs that are political, aggressive, derogatory, or defamatory in tone. Based on our principles, will also reject blogs that are discriminatory or prejudiced against any people group, as well as blogs that encourage stereotypes.

Personal Information and Confidentiality

Writing based on lived experiences can be an effective way to share thoughts and ideas. Discretion is advised when doing so. Tell your story from your perspective. Avoid telling other people’s stories, views, and experiences.

Do not include personal details of people in your story. This information allows readers to trace the place and time of the events in the story. If you are waiting to speak to the authorities, this includes immigration, legal or a court case that could put you at risk, do not write about it. Try to limit details that may be traumatic to readers. We may suggest a revision if your story includes any of the abuse. Choose photographs carefully according to the guidelines listed

Word Count for Your Blog

A word count of 500-700 is advised to make your blog easy to read.

Approval of Your Blog

BASNET Blog Team has the right to accept, reject or suggest changes to your blog or remove a posted blog. We also hold the right to modify blog guidelines at any stage. We will keep you informed about your blog.

If you want your published blog taken down from our website, you can contact us, however we are not responsible for any other websites it may have been shared to.

Considering that not all perceptions are in line with the personal views of all BASNET members. Your blog will be published under your name, as a personal view and not as a view of BASNET as an organisation.

Got Questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us at basnet@afruca.org.

Thank you for writing for BASNET!

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