In commemoration of the UN International Day for the elimination of RacialDiscriminations, the UK BME Anti-slavery network(BASNET) have puttogether 5 key recommendations and Indicators of progress focusing on 5key areas of the sectors.

At BASNET, we believe that there is still more work to do to eradicate racialinequalities, and as a sector, we must continue to invest in provision forequality and diversity across. It is unacceptable that instances of harassmentand discrimination continue with more prevalence for Black, Asian andminority ethnic victims and survivors of modern slavery and trafficking,especially those from foreign countries.

Through collective efforts, The UK Modern Slavery and human traffickingsector will benefit tremendously from racial inclusion and diversity especiallyin service design and delivery for victims and survivor’s ethnic minority backgrounds. More must therefore be done to ensure representation fromaffected communities and survivors to contribute their lived experiences inpolicy development.

To mark International Day for the eradication of racial discrimination, we arere-echoing some of the recommendations and indicators of progress sharedin our Race Equality, Diversity and Inclusion action plan.

We hope these willcontinue to ignite the political and moral will to ensure that the sector ismore inclusive and that we are developing culturally appropriate services tosupport victims and survivors. We also hope that these will continue togenerate the much needed conversation, political and moral will leading toeffective implementation.

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